Im Baaaack

  1. Im Baaaack

    Well sorry that i have not posted in forever... just started up my student teaching this semester and i have been busy like crazy... i also just got done with my training with all AE products... the results have been great!!! I have put on about 15 LBS going from about 200-205, 215-220... people that i have been lifting with ask me waht i have been using and i have said nothing but AE products.... so look for your sales to go up in the next month or so... also im brining some guys with me to the Arnold Classic and i said we need to make sure we head to the AE booth and see what we can get to help advertise at the Expo and then back at school... i have a few guys that got on the same stack as i did for the past month and loved it also.. so now there is about 3-4 of us going around talking about your products!!!

    So again ill try and start posting more on here... looking forward to seeing you all at the Expo, will be there early friday and saturday!!


  2. great to hear! see ya there!

  3. GREAT NEWS, Spartan!

    I was honestly getting worried about ya! glad everything is going well! My wife is doing her student teaching as well through Ashland University, in Ohio!

    we will be there all 3 days, so make sure to stop buy!

  4. T-3 days and counting!!! WOO HOOO!!!!

  5. did you just say T3? (wrong forum, bigguy!)

  6. LOL.. i was actually just in ohio... my girlfriend was looking into graduate school at ohio university in Athens.... so ill make sure i stop by and let ya know who i am what kind of things can we expect to see.. or is that a secret???

  7. you can expect to see some great product.....

    we are pretty tight lipped other than that....


  8. yea got the avatar to work!!


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