3AD = MMv2???

  1. 3AD = MMv2???

    looking at the main PH... are we looking at the same compound???

    3AD = 3a-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one

    MMv2 = 3-Beta-Hydroxyetiollocholan-17-One

    is one just the alpha isomer vs the beta?

    both are looking at converson to stanolone through gut enzymes... just curious...


  2. What happened to 2-androstenol?

    MMV2, from what you've got written there, is epi-androsterone. 3-AD contains (regular) androsterone.

    They both don't convert to stanolone at the same rate.

    The epi-version, being 5-beta-reduced, will convert more readily to epi-DHT. The reason why the hydroxyls are facing different directions is due to the orientation of the A-ring on the steroidal chain. Mis-orientation can create a steric, leading to a dampered binding-affinity for the androgen receptor.
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  3. yeah i know each has different things along with it but wanted to know the difference... what your conversion rate to stanolone??

  4. Well, the conversion rate of an oral 17-keto steroid to a 17-hydroxy is about 60%. After this step, however, there is the conversion of the 3-hydroxyl to a 3-ketone, which isn't quite as high, but I would suppose similar.

    So for a simple approximation, we've got two steps, each at about 60% of a favorable conversion rate. 60%*60% = about 40%
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