Difference between old and new Mass FX?

  1. Difference between old and new Mass FX?

    What is the difference between the old and new Mass FX?

  2. <<cracks knuckles>>

    Rokey dokey... here we go...

    1. Name is different. Just playin...
    2. Original had a tad more divanil and 25-R.
    3. New one has a tad less, but more synergistic ingredients to make it a better package.

    The ingredients in the new one were "updated and upgraded". It now also contains a mild AI to help against estrogen conversion. With the original, there were a select handful of cases where people got some gyno flare-ups. Not with the new one.

    Any specific questions, fire away!
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  3. What is 25-R?

    How would one dose the original, 3 caps/day? Could one use low-dose 6-OXO if one is susceptible to gyno flare-ups from the Mass FX?

    What kind of strength gains can one expect from the old version?

  4. From the write-up:
    "25-R Diol™ is a naturally occurring sapogenin (plant hormones) that acts as a precursor to something known as 6-keto diosgenin, only with a longer biological half-life. 25R-diol™ has direct anabolic effects on androgen receptors but does not cause shutdown of your own testosterone production. This occurs because 25R-diol™ has minimal androgenic activity at those receptors. Androgenicity general describes the side effects of hormones. Because of this, 25-R Diol™ results in increased muscle mass without the side effects"

    Dosing for the original is the same as for the new version. 4/day either spreading them out every few hours throughout the day, or on workout days, taking them in 3 doses. Take 2 pre-w/o and split/spread the other 2.

    If you are prone to gyno, taking an AI with it may help. I prefer HyperdrolX2, both personally and professionally, over 6oxo. Ergo makes a good product, but I hear a lot about things being a tad underdosed for most people's likings. If you have gyno and are afraid of a flare-up, it's always best to just avoid anything hormonal. If you don't have it, I doubt very highly that MFX will give it to you.

    Strength gains will vary greatlydepending on the individual. Each of us is very different. But if you are doing things right - eating well, resting often, and training hard with the right exercises for your goals - strength gains should come easier than without the product. Mass increases, also user-dependent, should be very good. Your attitude may even change a bit. We call it the "Alpha Male Mentality", and there's no describing it until you feel it!
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  5. Is MassFx "wet" at all?

  6. Nice thank you


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