Need to know!

  1. Need to know!

    would this product be beneficial to me at all if i took x mass about a year ago and didnt take any pct because a guy told me i didnt to because it was a progestin, now that im educated a little more i realize i should of taken a pct, can someone give me any advice please, it would be much appreciated

  2. Cantstop,

    I'm not sure I'm getting what your asking. Can you be a little more specific? I just got out of judo class and i'm ready for bed so it just be my own stupidity.

    What product are specifically asking about? I'm guessing Stoked (aka POST Cycle Support).

    Also, are you asking if it would be good a PCT for an XMASS cycle or if it would be good to take as a standalone to help recover from an older cycle?

    Feel free to post back here or PM me or any of the other reps. We'll be glad to help you out.


  3. I also just saw your age. Is that accurate? If so, I would not recommend taking Stoked as a PCT, cause I wouldnt recommend that you do a cycle to begin with. I also don't know how beneficial a stand-alone would be from a test booster standpoint. If you need the SERM benefits than maybe.

  4. Your 18 years old you shouldn't be taking hormonal supplements in the first place. If you are experiencing problems from a past or current cycle that you did run than go to your health practitioner or endocrinologist.

  5. i turn 19 in 10 days i fully understand i shouldnt have been messing with x mass but a guy at a vitaminne shopp sold it to me cause i went in there looking for a weight gainer and he also told me i didnt need any pct, well iv learned alot about this stuff in the past two years and i was asking if your pct would help me alot in the stand point that i need to take one i took x mass exactly about a year ago just one month of it

    any feedback would be much appreciated

  6. If a year has gone past than you have most likely bounced back, and you won't need PCT. I'd still get bloodwork done and see what's going on internally.

  7. alright will do


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