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    quick question

    Monday i'm going to start my epistane cycle @ 20/30/40/40. I'm just curious if AI's Cycle Support is sufficient enough while i'm on cycle, and if AI's Post Cycle Support would be a sufficient PCT?

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    Cycle Support is definitely enough and should be used during the cycle and for 4 weeks after it.

    POST Cycle Support should be used for 4 weeks after the Epistane Cycle. As to if you should have something else it seems many people use Nolva. That part of the question would be good to ask of an IBE (company that sells Epistane)rep to make sure.

    There is a thread about a person using POST Cycle Support for their Phera Plex cycle alone but I believe better safe than sorry.

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    Do as CROWLER suggested above; use Cycle Support for the 4 weeks you run Epi and for 4 weeks after that, as you also run POST Cycle Support. But, also get a SERM of some sort.

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