what is that in the cycle support powder

  1. Question what is that in the cycle support powder

    I have the peanut butter flavor of cycle support and it has these little hard rock like things that don't dissolve after shaking. Does anyone know what they are and if they're supposed to be there?


  2. Hello Alpha-male,

    Thank you for your post and your purchase. That is from the powder clumping from moisture.

    There is nothing wrong and you can use it just the way it is.

    We have solved the problem and it does not happen anymore. Of course that does not help you so we are happy to send you a new jar if you would like to return that one.

    Thank you again,

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  3. Thumbs up

    Thanks for the quick reply Crowler.

    I won't return it, I'm almost done with it and today I just ordered 2 more containers of chocolate flavored cycle support. It's just strange because when it clumps up you can chew it and it dissolves in your mouth but the little hard things i'm talking about don't disolve and don't break if you bite them. They're REALLY hard. Today I just had one of them in my mouth and at first it's the same color as the powder but as that dissolves away the little rock like thing is white.

  4. i noticed the same thing...i went for the destructive method....put the clumps into a plastic ziploc and broke out the steel mallet...time for some investigating. haha..those suckers are hard. 2lb steel mallet barely did the job...thought i was gonna crack my countertops lol.

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