my new favorite way to take cycle support

  1. my new favorite way to take cycle support

    Ok sorry crowler I just dont like the taste of cycle support in milk. I tried both kinds and just no. It's not a bad taste or anything it just isn't good and gives a bad after taste IMO. BUT........I have found somthing new and love it.

    I was just going to shot it down the hatch with water to get by putting it in anything. Well when I threw the scoop in my mouth it wasn't a straight shot and got kinda messy so I just started chaseing with water. Well it got all mixed with the water in my mouth and gave such a strong,sweet chocolate taste. Nothing like it is with milk and...........Yummmm!!!! It was awsome. It will really come in handy when I'm dieting, I'll get a quick shot of chocolate 2x's a day

  2. mixing Cycle Support with water?....Brilliant!!

    ...sorry couldnt resist

    The new flavoring system is pretty good with water but for people with the old I wouldnt try it. That chemical taste seems to get amplified when mixed with water and just doesnt go away.

    Thanks for taking the time to post DW, we appreciate it.

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