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    I've used cycle support and life support. Just want to tell you guys you delivered a damn solid product at a great price. I loved the stuf on my sd/pp cycle. I'm about to load up on some cycle support for even off cycle as a regular supplement, gonna give my dad some also because the other reviews I've seen backing it up. He's on too many meds for my own comfort. I'm chosing cycle support over life support because it's a better buy even if it isn't capped.

    Thanks anabolic innovations. Good too see a non bs supplement that works and is cheap.

  2. All of Anabolic Innovation products are non-b/s and VERY well priced and well thought out. I am really sensitive to cow's whey in general, but I LOVED the taste and quality of their proteins. I can't wait to start dosing Post Cycle Support as well.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Dark!

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