Whats up with my Chaos???

  1. Whats up with my Chaos???

    Recieved my order of chaos from BBing.com and to my suprise the chaos is hard as a brick. to say the least im not to happy i've spent the last 20 minutes breaking it up and all its doing is breaking it into tiny little pieces which makes it hard to get an accurate dosing. Love ya crowler but this sucks

  2. Sounds like utter 'Chaos'

    But lame puns aside, it looks to me like Chaos contains some hygroscopic materials in it. Especially the Rhodiola and Guarana, those are gonna suck in moisture like Paris Hilton sucks something else. I would guess that BB.com sold you an old batch that's been sitting out for a long while.

    Does this come in a tub or a bag? I have some ideas on how to fix it for ya.

  3. In the bag. I've so F!#%*m had it with bbing.com Im going back to Nutra for good.

  4. its bb dot com......that'll teach ya from not buying from NP!!


  5. shes mine back off!..:bruce1:

  6. its bb dot com......that'll teach ya from not buying from NP!!

    yeah yeah yeah....trust me gentlemen I have truly learned my lesson. Im sticking with NP for good.


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