Anabolic Innovations pricing policies

  1. Anabolic Innovations pricing policies

    EDIT ON 6/5/07
    Please note that I am editing my original post due to some issues brought up to me. I had meant criticize AI on some of the things they did, not the company as a whole or on an average. To put it another way I meant to throw a snowball at them and may have actually ended throwing a rock instead. Not only that but it seems that part of my point was missed. Obviously I am still buying their products and thought it worth my time to make a post here. I still think that AI has some of the best products I have seen and will continue to be a customer.

    Current criticism: AI raised the price of their whey protein isolate with the new flavor system through the roof and it is not to my knowledge available anywhere else. You can still get the pre flavored stuff at Nutraplanet but the new mix and match does not seem available. In short I am peeved that I got hooked on something good and now it not available (that is unless I pay more then twice what just paid last time).

    This is especially irritating to me as I had, not just a couple of days prior finding this out, told a bunch of my friends where they could get this as well. And this is not the first time I have this issue. A friend of mine got hooked on the mango flavor (not my favorite but he is strange) only to have it discontinued without notice. The cookie mix deal was another though nutraplanet came through with that one. I understand that this happens and that some products prove to be financially unviable. I am complaining about the way it was handled, not the products themselves or the removal of.

    Anabolic Innovations has come out with some of the best products I have seen in a long time. And dealing one on one customer service is pretty good too. But some of your previous and current business practices are fairly frustrating to me. At any rate I am getting off my soap box though I will miss trying the cherry flavor.

    Also I was just informed that Nutraplanet sells some the flavor system under its own name Liquid Flavor System (2 oz) By NutraPlanet
    you do have to buy it separately and with some other brand of whey (NP doesn’t list unflavored yet)

  2. Hello Skye,

    Thank you for your purchases and your post.

    We value you as a member of this board and as a customer.

    The prices on our website are to encourage people to buy through our resellers.

    I don't know of any company who would agree to resell a producers products if they were going to have to compete with them.

    I am not sure if you are aware or not but the Anabolic Minds official forum store is Nutra Planet. We are not allowed to discuss other stores here on this forum because Nutra Planet pays to be the exclusive store which is the way it should be.

    Thank you

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  3. Cherry flavor eh? Let's see what we can work out here...AI is always top notch and we are proud to work with them!

    In regards to increases in price on protein, this is company wide. All the companies who offer protein have raised their prices SIGNIFICANTLY. ON has already raised their prices 3 times in the past two and a half months.

    Hopefully protein prices will return to a more normal price range after the summer. We shall hope and see...

  4. Please note that the post has been edit.
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