AIs Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Banana, and Cherry Isolate Review

  1. AIs Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Banana, and Cherry Isolate Review

    Well I ordered 10lbs of Whey Protein Isolate from Anabolic Innovations a little over a month ago and wanted to wait on a review until I really felt I had tested each flavor enough times, so here it goes.

    All flavors are the liquid flavoring system, are based on 5 star rating, and were mixed with skim milk.

    Before going into individual flavors I will rate the unflavored protein powder as it doesnt change with the flavors:
    Mixability: 5 The isolate is extremly fine and fluffy. Mixed in skim milk it is by far the easiest powder I have ever mixed up. With a few twirls of a knife the powder instantly disolved with little to no foam on top, no clumping what so ever, and no clogging on the bottom~ it mixed 100% everytime!
    Smell 2: Well the unflavored powder itself smells awful to me but after 2 times of mixing it wasnt even noticable. Also when adding flavors it blocks out the smell nearly 100%. The smell doesnt not hinder drinking at all but the first time I tried it it was noticable.
    Consistency 4: With the powder mixing so easily the consistency also was very enjoyable. It wasnt as thick as some of the other protein powders I have tried and it was like drinking a thinner milk shake (especially with the taste.)

    Taste: 2.5: I have yet to find a vanilla protein that truely lives up to my hopes, however AIs has come closest to achiveing it for me. Its sweeter than I would have liked but you can clearly make out the vanilla flavoring and tone down the sweetness by adjusting the number of drops added to the mix. It tasted almost like thined out melted icecream with a bit of added sweetness. If your a vanilla fan its worth a shot but it may not be exactly what you were expecting.

    Peanut Butter
    Taste 4: Very impressed by AIs peanut butter flavoring. Tastes just like peanut butter in liquid form. Has the nutty flavor that goes down really smooth! I personally love natty peanut butter so I try to incorporate it if I can and this truley lived up to what I wanted it to be. I have tried peanut butter flavors that completly bomed and tasted nothing of the title but if you are a peanut butter fan then you should certainly give AIs Peanut butter flavor a try asap!

    Taste 3: I personally like to add a whole banana to my post workout drink but sometimes dont want the extra carbs and I think this is a legit alternative to that problem. Initial taste pf the flavor did not strike me as much of a banana flavor but the after taste really took hold and gave that good banana quality and was very pleased with it. Although you dont get the same consistency as adding a whole banana to a shake it definitly delivers the taste I was looking for.

    Taste 4.5: I am not going to lie here I had not even put cherry in my original order to AI (it had been chocolate) but upon recieving my order I found cherry had been added instead (but decided I wanted to give cherry a try and decided to keep it {and that was after Crolwer offered to send out a chocolate for the confusion!}) And thank god I kept it as it turned out to be the best flavor in the lot. Not only does it taste dead on to a cherry milkshake but it is so easy to drink I would love drink it anytime in place of an actual sugar treat. There has been only one other protein flavor that has done this to me (dutch chocolate GF Pro.) Cherry flavoring seems to be a universal protein powder IMO as I cant see anyone not being a fan (as I thought I would never want to try a cherry rptein flavor in my life) and it turned out to be the dark horse of the pack! Cherry is highly reccommended even if your not a true fruit protein guy (Im a chocolate advocate for life as well, but change every now and then is a must right)

    Overall the protein flavors were all very good and I would take any of them again. Another itme that cant go unnoted is the price that AI offred on the deal, the quality of the powder and taste to to price ratio is unbelievable. If your in the market for a quality protein powder AI is definitly a top notch choice.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, sounds like I'm going to be placing an order for PB and Cherry in the near future!

  3. Thanks for the review OCC. Have you tried making a peanut butter/bananaanananana shake?
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  4. Hey, thanks for the well thought out review OCC!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated!

  6. Thank you for the order and the VERY detailed review.

    VERY much appreciated. When I first saw your post I thought it was out of 10 then realized it is out of a possible 5

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  7. Great review, very in-depth. Love the honesty --- glad you enjoyed it man.

  8. No problem guys, my pleasure to help get the word out on a quality product that deserves it.

    Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Thanks for the review OCC. Have you tried making a peanut butter/bananaanananana shake?
    I have tried mixing banana and peanut butter once but it seemed the peanut butter over shadowed the banana and it tasted as if I had put in double the peanut butter. Never time I will try 1/2 peanut butter to banana ratio and see how it goes. The potential for a great taste is there just got to get the breakdown right.

  9. yes the Pb is good. THe cheery isnt listed on the Np website. can you get it up there CROWLER?
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  10. tattoopierced1
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    gonna have to give cherry a try now...

  11. Ai's pb powder is the ****. I been pimping that for a long time now and there cycle support pb is on point as well. Matter of fact ima record a video and post it on my myspace about it haha. Ohh muscle milk is a close 2nd by the way I pimp them too haha.

  12. i disagree about the pb flavor, picked some up after hearing ppl rave about it on this forum, i think its taste bad, i usually mix my whey isolate with water but need to mix with milk to be tolerable.

  13. Have you tried adjusting the amount of flavoring to the amount of water? Are you a big fan of pb in general? What exactly didnt you like about it, to sweet, not sweet enough? Just curious as to why you didnt like it. But everyone cant like everything right ahah.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    Have you tried adjusting the amount of flavoring to the amount of water? Are you a big fan of pb in general? What exactly didnt you like about it, to sweet, not sweet enough? Just curious as to why you didnt like it. But everyone cant like everything right ahah.
    i tried varying the amounts of water and still tastes the same, i like peanut butter in general and have liked other chocolate/peanut butter wheys. for me it has a very strong artificial taste which makes its not very tolerable. does not taste sweet at all.


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