Weight Gainer with no protein?

  1. Weight Gainer with no protein?

    first I just wanted to say that the flavoring concept you guys have is great.

    What about a weight gain powder with no protein? I think this would be great idea because it would allow people to add in there favorite type of protein or blend or even add in there favorite protein brand. Of course it be very healthy, oat flour would be cool, maybe some low GI carb. If the price was right I think it would be a big seller.

  2. Hey BK,

    Thanks for the comment concerning the flavoring. What flavors did you get?

    As far as the weight gainer goes, I'll let crowler comment on that. He has so many ideas running through his brain that its hard to keep up with thim.

  3. any developments on this? I am tired of maltodextrin but I take it because it works and theres no real alternatives to it,price wise anyways.Too bad there wasn't some sort of bean or potato starch powders,I am sure their GI is pretty low and remains somewhat complex in nature similar to their whole food counterparts despite being heavily processed.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the interest and the VERY nice comment on our new Liquid Flavoring System. At this time there are no plans for a weight gainer, who knows what the future may bring.


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