Cycle support is the $h1t!!!

  1. Cycle support is the $h1t!!!

    Right now i'm running a cycle of:

    1-4 Dbol
    1-12 Deca
    1-14 Test prop

    This cycle has been going very well. Yesterday I went for mid-cycle bloodwork, its week 7. My blood work came back today.

    My total cholesterol was 167. My liver and kidney function were perfect she said. My sodium and potassium were perfect. I'm attributing this to the Cycle support, Great product. Its something i'm goin to be taking everyday regardless of a cycle or not, just for general health. Thanks AI.

  2. Thanks for the feeback, glad to here yor cycle is going well. For everyday use after cycle look into Life Support.

  3. VERY glad you are pleased with Cycle Support!


    Thank you for taking the time to let us know.


  4. Awesome! Glad to hear your cycle is going well.

  5. awesome to hear brutha.

  6. Cycle support is some good stuff. That's impressive sdmf.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. I have to agree.
    much more convenient than popping pills all day long.
    ingredient profile is second to none, and tastes quite good too.
    mixed it in ON's french vanilla and chocolate mint and result was both time fabulous!


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