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    Anabolic Innovations Product Write-Ups
    Authored by Aaron R. Smith, CESO for
    Anabolic Innovations

    Chaos: “The Chaotic Approach to Uncontainable Anabolism!”

    Product Summary & Synopsis of Efficacious Intra-physiological Impact
    If there was an invention that came along, allowing mankind to travel thousands of years into the future… the archeologists would surely discover the remains of the Anabolic Innovations Manufacturing Laboratories. In their unearthing of this facility, they would discover the fossilized remnants of “Choas,” instantly declaring it to be the Holy Grail of scientific achievement throughout all of history! Well, perhaps hyperbole was used to an extent in that narration; but in all honesty, based upon the entire collective of medical and anecdotal research-resources currently available… Chaos is the definitive pre-workout intensifier to ever come to fruition in the supplement industry. A scientific report and dissertation about the various compounds and chemical-substrates used in this powder - would require a team of authors, historians, and examiners to completely disclose. Rest assured that no stone was left unturned when conceiving and creating this magnificent marvel of physical-stimulation, mental-awareness, and forced hypertrophy. When you are in the Realm of Chaos… nothing is safe from impending explosion, insanity, or intensity; ESPECIALLY YOUR MUSCLE MASS AND MIND!

    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:
    Sounds like your basic line of exaggeration and hype-based marketing… What truly makes Chaos the marvel that you claim it is; and will I have to take a million servings per day to actually reap the benefits of the ingredients, like every other powder or capsule in existence?
    • At AI, we not only understand and relate to your frustration and confusion in picking a suitable supplement-based training-aid… but we uncompromisingly refuse to involve ourselves in this back-and-forth game of false advertisement and mismanagement of marketing. From our CEO to the originators and formulators of our products, we all hold the same basic beliefs and core values of NEVER releasing or even contemplating a supplement, that does not PERFORM as we claim, EXCEEDING all expectations! There is no more room and certainly no need for yet another ‘new-kid on the block,’ trying to flaunt their ego, and bully their way towards propaganda-based success. SECONDLY, as an equally important aspect of product R&D at AI, we have and will NEVER produce an item for consumption, which does not pass the TRUE TEST of success. That test and universal measuring stick, resides in your progress and your needs as an athlete. When we state “1-Serving,” we truly mean ONE SERVING will produce and reap the intended benefits that you are so desperate for!
    From visiting your website and looking into the actual mixture of ingredients in Chaos, I see that it kind of resembles an “All-in-One” buffet-based supplement that looks interesting and effective at first glance, but is only a generic garbage collection of various herbs making outrageous claims. Where does the madness end, and why does everyone insist on throwing a pile of crap into a container and calling it a miracle formula?
    • You have HIT THE NAIL so hard on the head with that question, the nail AND the board, have been atomized into smithereens! Simply stated - YOU ARE RIGHT… about every OTHER scoop-a-pharmacy thoughtless bucket out there. Although there can be a great advantage attributed to a multi-pronged compound mixture, through synergy; very few companies ever invest the time to scrutinize the behind the scenes research and theories at work in their own creations (abominations.) At AI, until we have a lock-tight choke hold of understanding and comprehension of activity and use of each separate compound… we WILL NOT even dream about “tossing it into the mix.” More importantly, once we have all concurred as a Team of athletes, scientists, and executives that an ingredient holds true merit, we start the process all over again, in order to GUARANTEE there is enough of that ingredient to bring about a dynamic effect. In short: AI is committed and married to the notion of contemplative & COMPLETE research first and fabrication/production second!
    Can someone, ANYONE, please tell me why spending money on something BEFORE I workout could possibly worth the investment? I spend enough money on memberships, gas, protein powder, and other seemingly more crucial supplements!
    • You’ve just opened up a whole big can of worms, and you’ve got me squirming in my chair to answer this one my brother! In a nutshell… have you ever heard of anyone making true progress in ANY endeavor, without effective and ongoing training? Of course not! In order to succeed in any realm or facet of life and sport, your focus & intensity must be streamlined; and the ongoing time you spend mastering your art into perfection, must be spent wisely. That being said, and having personally battled with this same situation and question in my own training, I can honestly attest that there is no other tool or supplement as beneficial or worthwhile, as a scientifically engineered AND pioneered product to induce the most consistent and rewarding gym-session of your life. Taking the initiative to purchase so many other aforementioned items, in order to crawl your way towards progress, is very commendable and smart. BUT… why not bring those independent and scattered acts of responsibility full-circle, by adding in the final missing-link of your quest for muscle and strength? Chaos was strictly brought to market for the sole and singular purpose of propelling your training (from all angles and at all levels) to the next echelon. Forget about busting through your next plateau… SHOVE A WHOLE PILE OF TNT into the mountain, and move the entire Earth until you stand supreme in your physical ambitions! Crawling will only get you so far, until you eventually succumb to the pain and fatigue, and find yourself in a fetal position sucking your thumb. Pull your thumb out, dump some CHAOTIC powder in, and sprint your way towards the finish line, leaving your training partner and every amazed onlooker in the cloud of your dust!


  2. Great write up!!

  3. Great write-up Aaron!

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