bloat from excell?

  1. bloat from excell?

    Hello. I recently started using raspberry excell. I have used ICE and Xtend in the past. I was wondering if the flavoring of excell is much milder than that of ice/xtend? I am mixing 5-6 scoops in 750ml water to drink before/during/after training. I honestly cant tast much flavor and it is completely clear (not that coloring provides any reassurance just wanted to be sure that is ok)

    Also, how much dextrose and malto are in this product? I noticed I was pretty bloaded on my circuit day and when I roll when training MMA. I didnt notice it much on weight days but Im pretty stationary when lifting.

    I love the cookie mix and am not trying to bash your products in any way.

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Hello Krashroute,

    Thank you for your purchases and your post.

    VERY GLAD to hear about the cookie mix THANKS!

    We intentionally flavor it very mildly as we have so many people who megadose with it and don't want a strong flavor all through the day.

    The sweetener is sucralose and shouldn't cause bloating. Or anything else for that matter. The label says it may contain other sweeteners but it does not. We have to have the label changed so it just shows the sucralose as an ingredient.

    Thank you again.


  3. wow I though I was using alot. May have to research it a bit. As far as benefit>price. Thanks for the quick reply!

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