HCF Chips

  1. HCF Chips

    Are the mixing directions accurate or do u have to play around with em./. cause i mixed 1 cup water to 1 cup mix and it looked like foamy water.. anyone got anything for this?

  2. You want it to be VERY thin or else when you pour it on the pan to put in the oven you will end up with THICK chips


  3. but it seemed like .. water

  4. lol

    Well you have one cup of mix and one cup of water so I am guessing you actually have half mix and half water. Then you put in in the oven and most of the water evaporates and you are left with . . . TA DA A low carb food product which you can cut up into chips


  5. in the oven as we speak

  6. is it still water

    You see what I mean when I say the amount of water is so they are VERY easy to make. Just mix it in water and pour out on the cookie sheet. If we had you put less water you would have to go through the effort of smoothing it all out with your fingers. The way we have you do it you get a nice uniform thickness with little to no effort.


  7. yep.. after bout 5 minutes there was nomore water
    jus a big arse chip

  8. How are they?? What you dippin them in? Salsa and some gaucomole (spell) sounds really good right now!


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