WOW AI Peanut Butter Protein almost as good as sex

  1. WOW AI Peanut Butter Protein almost as good as sex


    goddamn this **** is nice. mixes great. taste freakin awesome

    glad i made the juump


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  3. only recomendation

    dont use the bags I cant get mine to reseal due to it being overstuffed

  4. Really I've never had any problems with mine...sounds like you got some extra (not a bad problem to have)! Anyway, I try to have some AI Chocolate and AI Peanut Butter at the same time so I can mix and match.

  5. AI's PB whey is probably one of my all time favs., and I don't know why but the ability to zip and close your protein is just sweet.
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  6. No joke...I love being able to squeeze all of the air out of the package. Not sure if it's just me, but I have noticed that older whey doesn't mix well. I don't seem to have that problem since I can basically vacuum seal my protein after every use.
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  7. Can we hear 10# bags?

  8. 15#'s! Nice. Where are you shipping from?

  9. Florida.


  10. Why do you guys gotta make me so dammed hungry?!
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  11. I think the PB SMELLS almost as good as sex! Err, wait....maybe thats not what i mean. lol But it smells SOOOO good, every time i open the bag im impressed. I am not super psyched about the taste though, i mean its def PB but IMO i think it could have been alot stronger flavor. But with the new DIY flavor systems that will be an option i have...and i cant wait!!


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