Color/Shelf-life of Cycle Support

  1. Color/Shelf-life of Cycle Support

    I know i've seen a post and/or thread about this topic before but damned if i can find it!

    Anyway, i just finished up a container of cycle support and had to open up a fresh one last night. Surprisingly, although both are PB flavor and both were purchased at the same time from NP, the color of the new CS is significantly darker than the one i just finished up. There's likely nothing wrong with either batch but i was just wondering if Crowler, or anyone else, could explain the color inconsistency.

    Also, i have another container en route from NP but it doesn't look like i'll need it to finish up my current cycle; what is the shelf-life of this stuff? If i were to keep it until my next cycle, probably late spring/early summer, will it have lost any of its potency?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello Ninjo,

    Thank you for your purchases and your post. The color can be different because the ingredients in Cycle Support colors can vary according to different times of the year, amount of rain that season etc. For example the Celery Seed Extract can be a dark dark brown to a medium brown. This can cause a change in the color of the end product.

    As for shelf life you are fine. The potency is fine for well over a year.

    Thank you again

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