Demand Respect Contest: The Transformation

  1. Demand Respect Contest: The Transformation

    let us make sexy time

    What is it:Nutraplanet,Anabolic Innovations,and ThermoLife's Demand Respect Transformation Comp

    Starting Stats
    Age:18 (my profile saids 20 i don't know why. if a mod could change that thanks!)
    Bodytype: Endo with meso tendecies
    Height: 6'2
    Body Fat: %15(you judge from the pics)
    Weight: 228 (naked, pissed out, morning)
    Waist circumference: 36.5
    (i'm not big on measurements, im more a mirror guy like haney haha)

    Get bodyfat down to <%9
    Keep bodyweight >215
    Increase back width
    Increase shoulder width
    Increase current lifts >%5

    Before Pictures:

    sorry the newspaper one is all ****ed up and cheating-looking, all re-verify it if need be.

    Weight Training Style/Plan:
    let me edit this later

    Nutrition Style/Plan
    let me edit this later

    Supplement Plan
    As per contest rules, a total of 4 Thermolife, Anabolic Innovations, and/or Healthy Cheat Foods Products. It was requested, although I failed to remember, to include a picture of myself and the supps. I will furbish that within a week or if possible can it be waved, I have sent my "entry" to [email protected] m, but whatever, will see what we can do.
    I chose to use
    (2) Thermolife E-bol, 3x 2 caps per day
    (1) Thermolife Zappetite as needed
    (1) Healthy Cheat Foods Peanut Butter cookie mix (good as hell folks)
    (1) Anabolic Innovations Mint Chocolate Chip Whey Isolate (good, but i've yet to see someone master this flavor)

    Other Supplements:

    -Fish oil (3-6 grams total DHA/EPA daily)
    -CEE/Beta-Alanine/Citrulline Malate/Yellow Gold 3x1 gram a day (of the mix which is 1:1:1:1(yes i'm old school) mix (WHICH I JUST CAPPED HURRAY FOR NOT HAVING TO STOMACH YELLOW GOLD POWDER. )
    -Xtend (BCAA's +glutamine+CM) whenever i get in the mood to actually mix it up. if anyone wants to trade or buy this from me please lemme know)
    -Bulk Cissus Quadrangularis %5 for joint health on a diet (very important) 3x1gram a day
    i think thats it unless I add something else

    About Me:
    Hi, I am new to this site, but not new to weightlifting, and not new to weightlifting/bodybuilding/supplement/etc websites. I started at (wordup to any people who know what i'm talking about) at around age 15. I then moved to until i was about 16. I've been hovering around's and for the past couple years then. I started lifting at age 13 with my sister's ex-swole-boyfriend to help shed pounds. I went from fatass-to-skinny-to-still-skinny but fat-to where I am now. I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend, friends, reading (especially history, cooking, travel), cooking and the like. I work as a fitness instructor (minimum wage PT since I can get certified yet) at my local YMCA (1.75 years there.) I am a student at a local highschool where I am a senior; I plan to enroll at Illinois State Universit in the fall where I will major in Nursing.

    Finally, I'm in it to win it.

  2. Hey Owen! On behalf of AI, I wish you good luck. We can't wait to see your progress. Make sure to keep us updated.

  3. Is this the first AI transformation contest?

    Good luck bro...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron
    Is this the first AI transformation contest?

    Good luck bro...
    It's a combo AI/TL Contest PI.

    Looks good Owen, can't wait to see how you end up. You have a good base to work from...but those shorts.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UHCougar05
    It's a combo AI/TL Contest PI.

    Looks good Owen, can't wait to see how you end up. You have a good base to work from...but those shorts.

    Nice...I'll keep an eye on this...seems like an interesting stack you guys have going...

  6. Great start!

    Best of luck Ownen.

    Piston pump, this is a contest you can read all about here:

    Want to win $500 in CASH?

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  7. Crowler, Not quite pistonpump...but thanks for the link anyways...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by UHCougar05
    ...but those shorts.
    Lol...I was going to make a Borat comment, but refrained

  9. Goodluck Owen!
    "I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available, 'cause if you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." - Charlie Sheen

  10. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron
    Crowler, Not quite pistonpump...but thanks for the link anyways...
    oops sorry about that PI. I was thinking PI then thought PP then typed well you know

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  11. No worries.
  12. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    you have a great base, especially your legs...good luck

  13. first workout of the log so far...
    Upper body
    -seated dumbell overhead press 65's x 7,5,5
    -chin ups(focusing on lats) BW x 7,5,3
    -45degree incline DB press 75's x 8,7,6
    -asst. pullup machine(neutral grip) 80lbs(of assistance) x 7,5,6
    -DB side laterals 25LBS x 9reps

    good workout, definately felt pumped...but not ridiculously yet. could also be of the reps being so low.

    My training style
    is rather simple. it bears a lot of similarity with DC training in that I often(although not in my log's) wait 20-30 seconds after completion of a set and try to hit another 2-3 reps. Similarity also exists in the fact I stretch(although not as "extreme as DC calls for) inbetween sets. Finally, my rest periods are 90seconds -180 seconds like DC ****. this training style just gels so much better for me when dieting especially. I've never been a guy to train 'for the pump' exclusively or 'the burn' for that matter. Simply, I guage results based on...results, long term that is. IE if I am growing, I could give a **** how I feel for during-after the workout. Obviously, the value of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy can't be understated, but I feel it is something that is more favorable/attainable during bulks i.e. caloric surpluses.

  14. i love you buffhunk, you are so enthusiastic lolbut really thanks man

    Progress update
    Man i was even impressed with this...
    Weight is down to 223 from 228ish last wednesday
    Waist is down to 35.75 (-.75)
    All my weights on exercises have stayed the same!

    i haven't trained legs in probably 2 weeks...first i ****ed up my lower right back on squats just doing some reps, prob a minor strain...then that healed...but while i had the back injury i was overcompensating with my right hip, so now my hip is jank....i've decided instead of just letting it get ****ED up, ill just not do legs for a little bit. i'm taking about 7-10 grams of cissus a day, to help with far its working, just nothign works miracles that fast.

    Upper Body workout

    -pullups 7,5,4 bodyweight

    -incline barbell press 185 x 5,5,4

    -seated cable v-grip rows (man these felt good tonight) 150lbs x 10,9,7

    -flat DB press 75's x 9,7,6

    -side lateral raises (kinda swinging) 30lb DB's x 7,5, 25's x 6

    rest periods between all sets and exercises was about 90 seconds(trying to cut this down from what i had been doing-about 120/180 seconds )

    this workout was very good. i've had a series of exceptional upper body workouts. reasons? i've cut out a lot of BS exercises and just stuck to what has made me grow in the past. durr. also, the E-Bol induced some great, full pumps (man that sounds gay no matter how many times i hear it) in my lats especially, but also shoulders and chest. i mean i could FEEL my lats in the middle-ish part of my back, instead of just feeling on the sides like usual. good stuff.

    I used this 2 nights ago when i was really feeling some hunger, this was at night. i've always had trouble with eating before bed. but this **** just stopped it cold. awesome. i mean NO hunger pains, and when i went to eat my pre-bed meal, i barely even wanted just a protein shake.

    zappetite's success honestly saids a lot. i mean i have a voracious appetite, especially when dieting and AT NIGHT. this killed it. and i had only taken in like 1900 calories prior to dosage (2 pills on empty stomach)

    this is also good. not GREAT, but then again i am dieting, and its my first time using it. I have jacked up my protein intake about %15 percent to 300-330grams a day (BW of 223 right now), so i dont think its lack of protein intake(all high quality sources and spread evenly throughout the day). However, like i said I could really feel the pump tonight that buffhunk29 had been talking about.
    AI cookie mix (Peanut butter):
    i like these, but they are more of a bulking type food. However, my GF absolutely loves them. she even takes them to school for lunch! we're in high school, so this saids a lot. i'm so happpy to finally have a food that she likes and is comfortable enough with (you know, not some protein shake or something, its HS remember) to eat AT LUNCH with all of her ditzy friends. hah

    AI Whey Isolate Mint chocolate chip
    this is good stuff too. I think I would have liked the peanut butter banana flavor better, but i am quite glad to finally have a decent tasting mint chocolate chip

    Does anybody have any questions/suggestions about what I am doing, or what my nutrition/training/supplementation is like? if so ask away

  15. Thought you didnt have any competition huh Think again big guy :bruce1:

  16. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    Thought you didnt have any competition huh Think again big guy :bruce1:
    i like to think of myself like branch warren, i don't even realize there is competition until i walk in the door...or log online so to speak, otherwise im just training against myself

    -Tues Jan 30
    Upper Body
    -pullups 7, 4

    -flat bb bench 205 x 9
    -incline bb bench 185 x 5,5

    chin-ups 5,5,4

    incline DB press 9, 6,6

    side DB laterals 25's x 8 (some swinging)

    as you can see, not really getting any stronger. HOWEVER, and a big however, my waist has gone down another half inch, yet my weight is up to 225 in the morning? haha, ill take it. besides who goes on a diet to get stronger? maybe ronnie c. with all that "eat into the show" bs

    with regards to e-bol, something is making me drop fat like a fat guy with only a salad bar, and it sure as hell isn't t3h cr3atine

  17. Update, Monday February 5
    Body Composition

    Weight : 222.5lbs
    Waist circumference: ~35, a little less
    "umbilical" area circumference: 38.5, a little less

    lower back is still jank as hell, but ima go mess around with 225lbs on back squat tonight, and maybe try and do leg extensions or some bull**** like that to just get some work into my quads and hams

    Weight workout (Performed the 4th of february)
    -Pullups 7,6,5
    -Incline "neck" press 195x 5,4,3
    -V-grip cable row 160x 8,7,6
    -OH DB tricep ext. 55lb DB x 12,12,10
    -lying incline bench DB curls, 35's x 7,6,4

    back is gaining some decent width to it finally, which is very important given my wide ass hips
    good stuff otherwise


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