AI Cycle support experience

  1. AI Cycle support experience

    I would like to thank Crowler for a great product.

    I started taking CYcle support 3 weeks prior my SD cycle, i wasnt sure if i was going to do SD in the first place i just started taking it for general health. then i decided to do it and its much better taking CS than popping a **** load of pills, i noticed that my health didn suffer alot from this SD cycle, i also didnt had headaches on the time while i was ON, i didnt got that dizzy feeling getting out of bed, or if i stand up really quick. and no heavy breathing like i did in my first cycle.

    I really liked Cycle support, i highly recommended, not just to people that are on methyls but also for general health porpuses, i gave a tub to one of my friends mom and she really liked the flavor, i havent had a chanse to talk to her about how she was doing but i think she is liking it because she hasnt call me and start yelling at me lol

  2. Good, good. I had similar results and I gave a tub to a friend as well. I have roughly 10 guys at my dept. on Cycle support now.

  3. i wonder if it could be taken with hot milk without affecting the properties of the ingridients

  4. Thanks for the feedback Zombie!

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