War On Supps.

  1. War On Supps.

    First we have the protien cookie mix.
    I wanted to surprise my friends at work so I baked these up in the microwave. Considering they're good for you, and I eat just about anything, I liked them. To my surprise my co-workers also enjoyed them. The cookies tasted pretty good compared to regular cookies, nice and fluffy and easy to make, which is great for me because I am not much of a cook.It was one of the first times i didnt burn something and have to use the excuse that I like them burnt haha.

    I have a lot of this one around my house. During the first few go arounds, I thought this was some of the best tasting stuff I've had in a minute. I liked Chaos compared to N O Explode, because the effects from N.O. diminshed more quickly, and the price vs serving sucked to me. The pumps from Chaos are good. Price vs ingredients in this make it easy to say this ones going to be around for a long time. Then I grew tired of the taste, so I added some dextrose to it and love it now. Basically, I've been with this supp since it came out and love it. I've tried every flavor they have, and if you tire of the taste, just add some dextrose and you are set.

    Cycle Support.

    I've got so much of this laying around because I hopped on the band wagon when these first came out. I put my grandmother and grandfather on this for their blood pressure and high cholesterol. They like it as much as i do now i have them ordering from nutra haha. I only order there pb flavor, if you have tried any of there pb products then you know there the ****. When it comes to effectiveness lets just say no more back pumps.

    Carb Chip Mix
    Best **** I've had a in a while I must admit, even though I was a skeptic on this at first. I'm really picky about my chips so I didn't order them at first. A friend of mine did though and had some out along with some diff kinds of dip out one time I went over to his house. We where playing halo 2 and I finished a bowl of cheese dip and bag of chips and thought it was a match made in heaven. Ever since then these chips have been on my mind as you can see from a few of my posts around I've been talking very highly about them. Without dip they're ok, but find a dip you like with them and your hooked.
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  2. good job with those reviews.

    i got to say i love my cycle support

    i would bang her if it were a girl lol

  3. Nice write up, where can I find your supp. log?

  4. I hope that anyone can bake those cookies cause i suck at baking ......goin to try it anyways and see if the house lasts.......

  5. mmmmm... protein cookies.

  6. dayum miked you never post..Loser get your ass on the boards.
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