Best Excell flavor?

  1. Best Excell flavor?

    I purchased excell when it first came out, but did not like the taste at all, so it ended up sitting on my shelf and getting tossed when I moved. Sorry Crowler I still love you .

    Since there are multiple flavors now I can't wait to try it again and was wondering what flavor everyone prefers?

  2. I like Mango, so much so I actually prefer it more than Black Star Labs flavors (although I have yet to try Rasp Lemonade).

    ... this is not to say BSL's BCAA's aren't good. It's just that Mango is an awesome flavor!

    Kudos Crowler

  3. Strawberry is my favorite, followed by Grape.

  4. I've only used lemon but if the other flavors are like this one then I don't think i'd have a problem withany of them.

  5. I'm a big fan of the Raspberry Excell.

  6. grape is grand!

  7. Strawberry yum yum yum
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  8. Strawberry is great. The only good tasting strawberry product I've tried in my life.

  9. OH, i can see this is gonna be the definitive thread on the BEST flavor! ALL OF THEM!

    Just so you know, CROWLER, i have EVERY single one of your products in my cart at Nutraplanet right now! You have put a HUGE dent in my wallet! PUNK!


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