Healthy Cheat Foods PB Cookie Mix

  1. Thumbs up Healthy Cheat Foods PB Cookie Mix

    So if I had to rate this from, say, 1 to 10, soley on the basis of how closely it produces cookies that approximate real PB cookies, I'd have to give them a 6. However, they have potential to be 8 or 9 if you experiment a little with the mix and add some healthy fats to improve the flavor and texture. So even if my rating doesn't seem that high, I still recommend the product to anyone who doesn't mind deviating from the recipe.

    The biggest problem with using water only is the "cookie dough" is very adhesive and hard to work with. The cookies taste decent, but they have sort of a "puffy" cake or muffin texture.

    I experiemented and tried a batch with 1c mix + 1/4c Enova (DAG) oil + 1/4c water. These turned out better, and the oil made the dough easier to handle. Obviously, this has much higher fat content than using water only.

    I also tried a batch with 1c mix + 1/8c Enova + 2 tbsps almond butter + 1/4c water. These tasted pretty good, but were a little too crumbly.

    So like I said, a 6 if you only use water, but with some experimentation I think you could get them to 9 (at the cost of some added fat content).

    And regardless of the taste, they are pretty healthy for you.

  2. We appreciate the review Jim. Posts like these help make our products better in the end, so keep 'em coming.

  3. I agree. I just tried a free sample I got from NP, and it definately has the texture of a bread or something rather than a cookie, althoughthis doesn't make any difference to me personally. Mine tasted fairly bland unfortunately, and had more of a sweet after taste than a taste, if that makes any sense.

    on a positive note, it definately does feel like you're eating something you shouldn't be, and the nutritional profile is excellent. good job on these!

  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    We have taken this into consideration and I guarantee you the new batches are definitely even better tasting.

    Thanks to you guys we are getting better!

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  5. any other recipes?



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