Cycle Support Help!

  1. Cycle Support Help!

    My cycle support(the new one) just came in. Im so happy. But it didn't come with a scooper! Was curious how many grams I should add for 1 serving. Thanks.


  2. if you do a search im very positive this subject is in the forum..... not tryna bash u .. i'll even help u look cuz im bored

  3. okay its been said in other posts from the past that 6.2 grams is one dose...

    6.2 grams in morning

    6.2 grams in evening

    hopefully crowler can get to you soon to verify if im correct or not

  4. I don't got a .2 gram thing... I got a 5g and a 1g... so maybe just a lil over or just stick with 6 even okish when I do it?


  5. i dont think .2 would make a differance but im not specialist.. luckly mine came with a scoop.. but you could prolly try an email or pm crowler or one of the AI reps to get better feedback..

  6. In the past I have had various scoops laying around. If you have one that is 10CC you are in luck as I believe that is about one serving. I shot Crowler a PM for you to see if we can get you a scoop. Worst case scenario I might have one for you.

    And just double checking, but did you try feeling around through the CS with somthing? Maybe the scoop settled towards the bottom.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  7. Sounds good Stxnas.

    Trench just shoot me an email and I will get a scoop sent out to you. [email protected] m

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