I think you have a new convert.

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    I think you have a new convert.

    I was just pokig through some threads in the general section and only now found out the Laura is back!

    I found out she's working for you guys so I had to check things out. I just read the nutritional profiles and saw the flavors of your protein and I've decided to switch from ATW to you. The combo of Peanut Butter and Laura can't be beaten.

    Plus, you have Peanut Butter and Banana!!!! OMG that's too awesome for words.

    And microwaveable cookie mix!

    I can't wait to try this stuff out. The cookie mix has my wife interested. I've been trying to find healthier foods that she actually likes but don't cost an arm and a leg. If she likes the cookie mix, that would be a godsend. A dessert that's good for you. Did I mention I can't wait to try this stuff?

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    Bubbie - GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!! You are not going to believe how great the products and service is here........I am just happy to have landed here at Whey Protein Isolate Concentrate Powder Bodybuilding Anabolic Innovations EXCELL Cookies optimum, diet, supplements, bodybuilders, nutrition, athletes - Home and am thrilled that you found your way here, too.

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