overdue accolades

  1. overdue accolades

    This is probably long overdue, but I feel I need to say it.

    I love CROWLER's protein. I love CROWLER's CycleSupport... I love CROWLER's Cookies... I love CROWLER's moustache.

    Peanut Butter/Chocolate Isolate is my all-time favorite protein. I can't stop using it. I throw it in my oatmeal, water bottles.. anything... last week I put it all over my couch and rolled around in it.

    I love your isolate CROwLer... Chocolate Mint is amazing as well. I can honestly say that this is the best tasting, most mixable protein on the market today. I can only hope that once you go UberGlobal, your courteous service and T/A stays the same.

    Frankly you blow any competetion out of the water. I'm not saying this because I like you. I would say this even if I hated you tremendously.

    Anyone who hasn't tried the product, needs to.. because you are neglecting yourself.

  2. They really need a smilely for a$$ kissing

    Actually AI is great, My sole complant is that they don't ship USPS priority anymore

    But their products are are good, fiarly priced, and devoloped of what WE needed.

  3. and you seem to forget that he caught me - the queen of the protein....................... .......

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