Cycle Support Question...

  1. Cycle Support Question...

    Quick question.. ( Yeah, It may be a dumb one )
    What do you take this stuff with ? I am guessing milk ?
    Does not say on here, So I figured I would ask before I just jumped in...


  2. i mix 1 scoop in with a protein shake in the morning and b4 bed

  3. Awwwwww, kool... I drink my protein with 1% milk, so I will start mixing it with it..

    Thanks Pittbull...

  4. If I'm in a rush than just plain water, but I try to put it in my milk/protein shake

  5. its acutally kind of good in milk but taste like, well I don't know but it bad in water. Its good in protien shakes, mocha mudslide esp



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