Word to your mother

  1. Word to your mother

    Anabolic Innovations is the sh!tttttt!

    Just a little testimonial:

    Cycle Support
    I am on Day 12 of a Superdrol cycle. I preloaded cycle support and have been taking it throughout. superdrol is supposed to have incredibly harsh sides but I have yet to experience them. My cycle has been practically side effect free with only minor lethargy, cramps/pumps. Cycle support is a great value and seems to work wonders! A++++++++

    Whey Concentrate
    Got PB/Chocolate and its the best tasting protein powder I've ever tried. Mixes great as well. Another awesome product!

    Ive tried both PB and regular choc. chip. I dont think anything has to be said about this because we all know how great they are. Its hard to believe the nutrition profile on these...they taste too damn good.

    I also bought some Grub On that I cant wait to use. superdrol already has my hunger up and I dont want to go broke buying food!

    So anyway, What are you guys waiting for? Go place an order and support the best new supplement company!

  2. WOW - what I love to hear!!!!! Appreciate the detailed information, too. AI has great products AND great customers.

    [email protected]

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