Oh my gosh - I am hawking already!!!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh - I am hawking already!!!!!!

    Boys -

    I am really happy to tell you that I have my very first AI Special!!!!!! You just need to enter Laura01 in the discount code and you will receive -

    ONE FREE POUND OF COOKIE MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am hearing the great reviews from guys who have already tried it and have been won over - so now, this is a chance for the rest of you to get in on this one....................ah, life is good when you can offer a great product and great freebie and YOU KNOW that all will go smoothly with your order.

    [email protected]

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  2. I ordered 2kg's Excell just last night and have 10lbs of mango whey isolate coming to be any chance i could get this deal?

  3. Let me check with the powers that be and I will PM you - it can never hurt to ask, right?


  4. Im sure crowler will hook it up! Hes the frigin man chaps!

    Also Laura, great deal as usual!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  5. Exactly, cant' win the lotto without buying a ticket!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    Exactly, cant' win the lotto without buying a ticket!

    We definitely think alike!!! Let us see what the Crowler says. My only dilemma would be that it might have ALREADY shipped, because you DO know how great the service is .........keep you posted later tonight.


  7. Damn nice deal, Laura!

  8. btt- i'm in. sounds great!
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  9. I feel the love and appreciate the support!!!!!!


  10. lol Well for the Excell i ordered it last night and haven't recieved the confirmation email yet so i don't think that's shipped yet. I intend on buying a bunch of cookie mix soon anyway i just wanna try this stuff asap sounds really good.

  11. Man when I read hawking I thought this was about me

  12. Nope sorry man, go back to playing with your dolls

  13. Action Figures!!!!!

  14. GI JOES VS NINJA TURTLES! Keep it old school, lol


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