Pounds of wonderful goodness

  1. Pounds of wonderful goodness

    Should be at my doorstep tomorrow. I ordered 5lbs of cookies, excell and some awwww sookie sookie chaos. The UPS man can't get here fast enough!!

  2. Sweet. Its the worst waiting for Mr UPS. Especially when you track it online and you see its only like 10 minutes from your house.....you can almost hear it calling you.

  3. gpod i love the cookie mix..i use 6 tablespoons in the morning or when im craving sweets..greatestthing since poon

  4. My 6 pounds of cookie came a few days back. UPS man is always surpirsed when I rush out to hug him and get my cookie mix.

  5. God [email protected] UPS!! An incorrect routing at the hub has caused a delay. No goodness for me.

  6. The UPS guys are all sittin around eating your cookies!
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  7. Hahaha.... Today, many people across your area will receive shipments by guys with little chocolate smudges on their chin and lips.
  8. Angry

    Not Funny


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