Much Thanks to Crowler

  1. Much Thanks to Crowler

    Hey Bro,

    Just wanted to give you a big thank-you for the replacement order of cycle support sent with my new order via UPS this week Sometimes I think the dudes at Canada Post should be fuggin' huge with all the "supps" and others they snag off the back of the truck

    Once again thanks and you've got me hooked on AI


  2. word. crowler runs a tight ship. great products with outstanding service.

  3. Thank you for the props Jecko and Beelze

    Actually I have a couple screw ups. Funny thing is I actually can remember them and for the most part who they happened to. Still sort of ticks me off they happened.

    Things like a customer orders say 5 different items and they receive them and email me letting me know one of the items was missing. Still ticks me off I let it slip by. One because now the customer had to email and wonder what was going on. 2. because the customer has to now wait for UPS to deliver another one and of course 3. I eat the shipping but really more bugs me that I messed up.

    Maybe a few hundred hours of counseling and some anti-something or other pills can take care of this.

    You know what I am saying, sure you remember the big hits you had in football of the touch downs but you usually remember the missed tackles and the errors even more.

    Ok I know when it is time for bed sorry for the rambling ya bastagises

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER

    Maybe a few hundred hours of counseling and some anti-something or other pills can take care of this.
    Just do what everyone else here 2lbs of your cookie mix

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