AI...What's Up Wit My Discount Code???

  1. AI...What's Up Wit My Discount Code???


    I recently ordered a sample package on last Saturday(7/22) and I received it on 7/27 (shipped on 7/25)...very fast definite plus.

    Anyway, the discount code that came with my samples expired on the 7/27. Is this correct? I haven't even tried the samples as of yet because it was late when I got back home to see them. I will definitely be using them today, and this will determine my next supp order. Anyway...was this date correct? Discount or no discount, if I like the samples I WILL BE BUYING TONS MORE, I just found that strange.

  2. Hey bro, not Lake or Crowler. But you will probably get a faster response through e-mail. [email protected]

  3. Please read the stickie
    People PLEASE, we do not get on this board every hour or two. Believe me I REALLY wish I could but I just can not. We advertise on 10 message boards so PLEASE email us

    If you have a specific question EMAIL US!

    If you have a question about your order EMAIL US!

    If you ordered the wrong item EMAIL US!

    If you need to change something on your order EMAIL US!

    If you want to buy 1000 lbs of protein all at one time EMAIL US!

    I don't know how else to say this and yet we STILL get posts that say "hey I meant to say 2 Chaos not 1 change my order."

    Well I have NO idea who you are, which order was yours and I MIGHT not see your post for a day or 2 so PLEASE EMAIL US!

    Do NOT make a post with YOU email. I am NOT saying post YOUR email address on the board. I am saying EMAIL US!

    If anyone else has a suggestion how to get people to EMAIL US when they have a specific question PLEASE let us know lol

    Thank you and please dont' forget EMAIL US!

    [email protected]

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