AI reviews....

  1. AI reviews....

    I placed an order with AI about a week ago, the next day or the day after CROWLER emailed me and informed me that they were out of Excell at the moment and that he'd be getting some by the end at the end of the week. I replied thanking him for the heads up. Monday I wake up to an email saying that my order had shipped. And wednsday I come home and see a UPS box sitting for me. So for customer service AI gets an A+. Keeping me up to date on an order is all that matters to me.

    I orderd strawberry excell, 1lb cookie mix, Chaos, and sample packs of the whey blend. So, I'm going to make a quick review of my initial thoughts on his products.

    We'll start with the sample packs of protein. I couldn't decide what flavor to order from CROWLER, so I am very glad he offers this option. There are soooo many flavors, and I definately got one of each. So far I have only tried the rasberry, and it is very good. Real light crisp taste perfect for PWO. Haven't had a chance for the others, but I will soon.

    EXCELL- Ordered the strawberry. I couldn't help but laugh like a columbian drug lord when I pulled out this GIANT bag of white powder. I swear there's more than a kg in that bag, it's freakin huge! The EXCELL mixes very well, better than other BCAA's I have tried in the past. And it's weird not having any color to it. Which, having no color is actually very nice. No worries about staining anything, and you don't have every person in the gym asking, "What are you drinking?" because it just looks like water. It's very easy to drink, and not overwhelming by any means. Perfect for drinking while working out. I know I don't like drinking anything heavy while working out, so this is perfect. Tastes great!

    Chaos- Now the fun one. I splurged and spent the extra 2.75 on a labeled jug. The label looks very nice. I opened the jug to find it filled completely to the top. I pulled out the scooper and immediately put 2 scoops in water. I must say on my first try, I didn't put enough water in there. I was very tart. Reminded me of the old tear jerker bubble gum balls. Once I added more water, it tasted just like lemonade. I could put it on ice and drink it on a hot summer day it's that good. I drank it about 1hr before working out last night. It was back day, and I pounded out a workout that normally takes me 1h15m in about 45-50 minutes. I felt very focused in the gym, and strength felt great. I know it's too earlly to tell whether it was the Chaos that helped the strength, but I felt great either way. 2 thumbs up for Chaos.

    Cookies....Mmmmmm....Cookies.. ....Last night before bed it was time to try the infamous cookies. I had an old ON scooper and used that to pull out 3 scoops of cookie mix. I put them into a small tupperware container added a little bit of skim milk and started stirring. Mixed it to a nice little consistancy and placed 3 cookies on a sheet. Set the oven to 350 and cooked for 5 minutes. Wow, those are goood. Talk about chocolate chips, lol, there were so many I had to keep reminding myself that they are sugar free. If you like chocolate chips, these are for you. I had to hunt around for more of the cookie dough. I ate 2 of these before bed with a glass of skim milk, and slept like a rock.

    Sorry for the novel but overall, I give AI huge thumbs up. Everything tastes terrific, and the prices are unbelievable. I will definately be ordering from him again!!

  2. Every positive feedback is appreciated man. Crowler and LMD will be pleased to hear you're happy with your purchase.

  3. Heck yeah we will be pleased!! Love reading this stuff haha.

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