Chaos is Here!!

  1. Chaos is Here!!


    I received my chaos today in from UPS. I tell you it was like opening a Christmas Present I swear. I'm like so happy now . I have got to say, the sample proteins are sweeeet. Why? They are all individually packed and are HAND-LABELED. I never seen that before. Thats like cool. Its not all done by a machine.

    Anyways, I had to say, the packacing was great... nice lil box comes in... most importantly, the products are here!

    So get ready, because tomorrow, I'm starting my Chaos//JW log... Thanks again guys.



  2. Yeah I saw your log, glad to see that and I definitely subscribed. I definitely feel you will like it as I LOVE it .

  3. Yes thank you for keeping the log, VERY nice.

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