Anabolic Innovation stack review (everything they got)

  1. Anabolic Innovation stack review (everything they got)

    Well, since i like this company so much in such a short amount of time i will post my review. (I dont post much unless its warranted) Tested the cookie mix, protein ,cycle report and workoutmix.

    Chaos review-(stim verision) i got the first batch, and its a apple cider flavor. This mixes awsome, taste for me is very on. Its not to sweet,its not to sour, and best of all its drinkable. I pour alot of crap down my gullet and this is by far a likeable one. Its actually good, even through i havent had a taste quite like this but ive never had cider. Workouts of coarse are hard to tell since im on different **** but not a bad one,im not really one to reveiw this but i belive its helped.

    Cookie mix- This is as great as people have reviewed. There has to be sugar in this. Im an extreme chocolate head
    and this is healthier then my cheats and taste better. Ive even mixed in pecans,protein powder,organic coconut and real cocoa and was pretty good. These will send you to the bathroom
    and make you second guess about the "wet" ones.

    Chocolate peanut better whey- good enough to drink with water, pretty good regular milk , but mixed with carb countdown chocolate milk this stuff is on fire, its again,the best i have ever tasted.

    Cycle support- Ok , this was great for me, thats all im gonna say. I have seriously taken every ingredient in this at one time but coming from a consumer to have this all at my leisure for that price prepackaged, wow, this is to easy! I regulary take my blood pressure every day, usually a couple of times and this has gotten me very stable in an unstable time. I have bein as high as 160's at certain
    times but im regularly in the mid 130's, no higher then mid 140's.The second number the imporant one is always bein low, around 69!

    Also the company is quick to get back with any problems you have, making sure to solve them as quick as possible. Small business is still where its at, i just usually have to pay more for there products, somehow i pay less with his.

  2. awesome reviews! I have only recently become aware of this company, but have been very impressed with their products and service, and will likely be purchasing from them within the next few months (specifically, cycle support)

  3. Damn Blazinred I really appreciate the comments bro! I feel like Cycle Support is like my baby since it was the first product I created but damn that sounds awesome that the BP is down like that!

    I can attest to that myself as well since my BP even on three anabolics was 136/69 last time I checked!!

    As for the chaos I just want to let you know it wasn't made to be a stimulant, more of a pump/focus/strength formula. We through in the caffeine to allow it to work synergistically with the other ingredients. The caffeine will negate the pump from the arginine so we have to be careful. All in all OUSTANDING review my friend!!!

    Give the chaos a few workouts, the strength and pumps realllly start coming up, or at least that is what I noticed!

  4. Thank you for the replys.

    About the chaos, Im sure its working great, I just cant honestly say what contributed to what pump being that that wasnt the only factor involved. I tend to suppliment my suppliments all at once then one at a time...

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