We need chaos reviews!

  1. We need chaos reviews!

    Hey guys as you guys test this out please post a review. We are anxious to hear feedback on the product and we want to correct things where we can if they need correcting.

    If you have tried similar supplements (such as xceed) please compare them. However PLEASE do not compare this product to things such as StimX or AMP as this is not a product we have created to be similar to these.

    Also please use it AT LEAST twice before posting a review.

    THANKS guys!!


  2. Send me some and I will test it :bb2:

  3. I've taken my first serving this morning and the plan is to use it M,T,W,T of this coming week. I'll keep you guys updated.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by revodrew
    Send me some and I will test it :bb2:
    Haha, I thought you already got some!

  5. I requested a sample and you guys didn't have any.


  6. Just waiting for delivery ... anxious to try this out.


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