Just put in my first order

  1. Just put in my first order

    In getting ready for a 6 weeker, I'm getting everything together. I purchased two cycle supports, 1 for this time around and 1 for another time around. I actually have left over supporting supps so I will use those to front-load and cycle support during my cycle.

    And of course, while I was there I had to get in on the sucralose deal. I really love splenda and told the wife that I was going to get some good sh1t when she asked me in the market "HEy, we should buy some splenda". Hahahaha no no no....

    And....I'm going to give the cookies another try, hopefully this time they won't give me the squiteys.

    Hopefully Lake or Crowler will slip in some samples

    Keep up the great work, guys


  2. Keeping a log on this cycle rage?

  3. good luck rage. Yea I assume youll keep a log, I was just curiose as to what you will be using (but then relaized this wasnt the place)

    On a side note I hope you dont take this the wrong way but how old are you (not related to the cycle) I just always thought you were younger but just realized your married. It just threw me off

  4. Heh, I'm only 22. Most people have the same reaction when I tell them I'm married.

    I'm still considering a log, it will be a 6 week run of Phera/Halo. Should be a great time.

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