I have

  1. I have

    I have a broken heart cause the girlfriend called off the wedding.. but i got a huge ass cookie in front of me making it all feel better... mmmmmmm.... me likey da cookie

  2. Oh man, I feel really bad for you buddy. How you doing?

    Just remember there is a special food out there that makes all woman detest sex for the rest of their lives. That food is wedding cake

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  3. Man, the cookie is all that keeps me going since the wife took the house and left me homeless. Hope you're doing okay.

  4. I did it all for the nookie
    The nookie
    So you can take that cookie
    And stick it up your, yeah!!

  5. Well, at least you guys are easy to please.

  6. im just ready to get back to raunchy strip clubs

  7. That sucks, sorry to hear about this bro...

  8. It's better to learn she's not the one now, than after you got hitched bro... this is a blessing in disguise, no matter how much it hurts.

    All wounds heal in time, keep positive...


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