mixing cycle support...

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    mixing cycle support...

    Since I am into my second bag of this stuff(peanut butter flavor both bags), I figured I would give some feedback on what types of drinks I have mixed my cycle support in. So here is what I have tried and my rankings on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best taste:

    choc protein/water/cycle support: 2- only suggest this as a last resort, mainly used as the "oh crap I forgot to take my last dose before bed, need to take it quick"...damn and out of milk!

    Choc protein/milk/cycle support: 4-good mixture, masks well, and gives it a nice little peanut butter kick

    Choc protein/milk/Oats/natty PB/cycle support:: 5-favorite, its like its not even in there..Even if you take the natty PB out its good

    Lean Mass Matrix(choc flavor) MRP/cycle support: 3- good, mix milk in with it and it goes to a 4 for taste

    tropical punch flavor protein/milk/Oats/Natty PB/cycle support: 4-you'd be suprised, this tastes good

    Again these are just my opinions, if you like cycle support and water all the power to ya....If I try new concoctions, I'll update the thread...

    If anyone else has some good tasting mixes, please add them on to the thread

    I would like to say this is truly a great product, the days of swallowing 15 pills a day are out the window ..thanks AI

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    My favorite is cissus powder and cycle support. yum yum

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