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# # # INSANITY SALE is on NOW # # # #

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    # # # INSANITY SALE is on NOW # # # #


    To participate in any ANABOLIC INNOVATIONS INSANITY SALE you MUST have:

    • STARTED a usefull thread IN the Anabolic Innovations forum within the 7 days BEFORE the sale
    • POSTED 5 usefull posts IN the Anabolic Innovations forum within the past 7 days

    Here is the sale BUT it is ONLY available to the first 3 people to email me at info@anabolicinnovations.com
    20% off our 10lb and 15 lb ISOLATE protein Powder.

    To the First 3 people to contact me via email. I will then send you the discount code.

    You never know what it will be so if you have not already you may want to start a thread and make 5 useful posts in The Anabolic Innovations forum


    EDIT: These discount codes run out in 2 days so if you are not ready to order please do not ask for a code.
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