I stole this recipe from another forum

1 egg
3 egg whites
1/4c part-skim ricotta
2T warm water
1/2c quick cook oatmeal
1.5T Protein cookie mix

Vanilla flavor
Butter flavor


Heat non-stick skillet to medium low.

Beat eggs, ricotta, and any optional seasonings with fork until well mixed and "foamy" (for lack of proper terminology). Add half the oatmeal and protein cookie mix, then the warm water. Add rest of dry ingredients. I realize that splenda and cinnamon would normally be "dry" ingredients but they seem to distribute better this way since splenda dissolves in liquid.

Allow mixture to sit for about 5 minutes. (The warm water activates the quick cook oats so the batter starts to thicken.)

Use 2T of mix per pancake and flip after about one minute. Yeild about 10 silver dollar pancakes.


The "smart" chocolate chips in the mix cover any number of potential flaws. The batter is very thin and is weird to work with at first. Pancakes will not appear "done" when you need to flip them. (When I went to check the underside of my first pancake, it slid onto the spatula even though the upper side looked competely uncooked. Tilt the pan to see if the liquid runs and if not, flip them.)

Finished product is much closer to a high-fiber pancake than previous attempts, however the egg/uncooked oats combination may not work especially for people used to "normal" pancakes. I'm not sure how they would taste to a non-lifter's palette (but I will find out). I thought it was overall a credible enough effort to share

10 pancakes have the following nutrition: 398 calories, 13g fat, 37g carbs, at least 6g fiber (the protein cookie mix fiber isn't clear), 35g protein. This is obviously a lot of food for most diets and also not low fat or low carb. I'm working on a low carb version for my dad and a slightly lower fat version for myself.

Possible variations:

1. Double protein cookie mix
1 a. Double mix and halve oats
2. Cook oatmeal and mix cooked product into batter
2 a. remove protein powder
3. Use regular protein powder instead of cookie mix - perhaps peanut butter flavor
3 a. Without oatmeal
3 b. with half oatmeal
3 c. With cooked oatmeal