Glycobol Review

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    Glycobol Review

    So I got the chance to log Glycobol on another site, and I wanted to post my results here as well.

    This product is awesome. I dosed 2 pills 2x/day with 30-60g/carbs 30 minutes after each dose. In the first week my muscles already felt fuller, and I have put on size and strength in the 30 days I tested glycobol. I am on a cut and actually the scale didn't move very mcuh, but I have leaned out a lot and I feel like I have added a good bit of LBM as well. I took BF% Tests with a caliper, I know they aren't the most accurate, but taking the measures in the same locations every time I was able to see a ~3% change in the past month using the 7 site Pollack Method.

    Never did have the green stools people talked about either. No sides to report, huge pumps during workouts, bigger than I've ever gotten, and as the month went on, the pumps just kept getting better!

    Pics from first 3 weeks-
    Please embed! Thanks

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/910%20before%20to%20now%20prog ress/ Mostmuscular.jpg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/910%20before%20to%20now%20prog ress/ shoulders.jpg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/910%20before%20to%20now%20prog ress/ back.jpg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/910%20before%20to%20now%20prog ress/ abisolation.jpg

    A couple shots from yesterday:

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/707833FA-1982-49CC-AAF5-40690547B30B -2675-00000125E0ED4027_zps0465f48d.j pg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/6B115C6A-16EA-452F-8749-239294FE66A1- 2675-00000125E0276B4E_zps097e1422.j pg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/7FCFAA72-5261-4AF2-BB1A-C7D6DA6DD5C4 -2675-00000125DF245599_zps25cce421.j pg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/AAC0014D-2E98-4D72-9548-9A9153398923- 2675-00000125DE7EAA0A_zps17e942b2.j pg

    i1167. photobucket. com/albums/q632/GetFittoWin/A4B1D735-10A3-44FE-9097-1D57D02D419D- 2675-00000125DD557531_zpsa92f0ee0.j pg

    Would definitely reccomend this to anyone! Gonna try it on a bulk in a little over a month!

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    Glycobol is great. Only issue I ever had was green ****s in which case Gut Health alleviates any GI sides.
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