The Ultimate Body Transformation Stack Advice on Cutting

  1. The Ultimate Body Transformation Stack Advice on Cutting

    I am looking to incorporate THE ULTIMATE BODY TRANSFORMATION STACK into my supplements stack
    How would you suggest I incorporate them? Glycobal, Testpro & HGH Pro. Also have RecoverPRO.

    Began my calorie deficit 5 weeks ago & I am currently taking Fat Smack XR (Purus Labs) & Turbo Shred (Swole Sports Nutr.) fat burners.
    I have dropped 11 lbs. ( around 2 lbs. per week).
    I have been training over the last 3 years
    (first 1 1/2 years of cardio followed by 1 1/2 yrs. weight training: lost a total of 129 lbs.)

    Current Diet: 6 meals - currently 2600 calories: macros 45P/35C/20F

    STATS: -36 Yrs. / 6'5" / 292 lbs. (20-25% BF) / training is a 4 day split & 1 day of 1.5 hours cardio.

    GOAL -Wanna drop 2 lbs. of fat per week & retain as much muscle as possible. Weigh 284 lbs. by August / 265 lbs. by October.

  2. Glycobol, 20 - 30 minutes before your two largest carb containing meals (preferably breakfast and dinner). Consider limiting carbs the rest of the day and no carbs four 2-4 hours before bed. Limiting carbs in the evening has really helped me lean out in the past AND it should also add to the efficacy of HGHpro.

    TestoPRO - 2AM/2PM with our without food. The ingredients in TestoPRO will help aid in the absorption of phytonutrients, so with food MAY yield slightly better results.

    HGHpro - I have great results from only three caps, but the suggested dose is four caps. Take 30-45 minutes pre-bed. The further away from carb ingestion, the better.

    Based on your goals, I would consider more and or fasted cardio, carb timing, or even carb cycling. I lost about 25lbs on the scale last year BUT I'm bigger and stronger than I was last year. I started out with 3-4 days of fasted AM cardio and or fasted AM workouts (saved legs for evening workouts. Fasted leg workouts = guaranteed puking, lol). I used RecoverPRO before and during my AM workouts. I typically drank one scoop on the way to the gym and finished the other by the end of my workout. I started out with 20 minutes of HIIT and ended up doing anywhere from 40 -60 minutes of HIIT or even straight high intensity cardio. I was eventually running 15-20 miles a week while still strength training 3-4 times a week. I lost A LOT of fat while getting bigger and stronger.

    THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME. IT MIGHT NOT BE IDEAL FOR YOU, BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE YOUR GOALS WERE SIMILAR TO MINE. Two pounds a week is a lot to continue to lose long term. Don't get down if your weight loss eventually tapers off, b/c it will happen. When that happens, it's time to change things up or even up the intensity or work load.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. Thanks for your help stxnas! I'm glad you responded & your informative description of what worked for you is hella helpful!
    Once my weight loss begins to taper off, I will switch up my workout regiment to be similar to yours.

  4. Best of luck!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

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