Cynostane + Delta 2 PCT help PLEASE!!!

  1. Lightbulb Cynostane + Delta 2 PCT help PLEASE!!!

    Hey guys just finished my run on Cynostane at 3 caps a day and 2 bottles of Delta 2 by Fusion Supplements. Had a great run and am looking leaner and have put on around 10kg "Fusion Supplements Delta 2 is the perfect choice for stacking as a non methylated compound for relatively dry gains in a cycle. 2-androstenone is a naturally occurring pheromone produced by elephants (Reproduction. 2001 Mar;121(3):475-84) that has also been identified in human sweat (J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 1997 Sep-Oct;63(1-3):81-9) In addition to being a purported pheromone, 2-androstenone is a prohormone to the androgenic hormone 2-androstenol (anabolic 150 : androgenic 50 versus testosterone)." I am looking to run Genox Tamoxifen (10mg x 100) (Please confirm if looks legit) and Anabeta with Erase Pro At reccomended dosages. I would like advise on how much mg of tamoxifen should be taken each day and for how long eg. 30/20/20/10 Any advice would be great looking to run tamoxifen as i want a quick recovery asap! Thanks alot guys amd amy information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I just wanted to ask after searching for cynostane for 2 days!!!!!!!!! i ordered it from a site in germany after the fact that i found out it has to go through customs apprently will i still recevive my cynostane even though im in california,usa. i paid closed to 100 for it this is riducoulous can someone please help ive have searched for hours for this product and cant seem to find a legit site i ordered from gigas nutrition any word on the that site???? please help!!!!!! extremely frustrating trying to find this product???!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know that ********************** got cynostane. Its a great legit shop

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