Can Someone Help Me Out w/ Dosing ??

  1. Can Someone Help Me Out w/ Dosing ??

    So I bought 2 swole stacks and was planning to run them back to back for 8 weeks. Ive been on it for a week at recommended dosing and Im not noticing any results yet. I am a bigger guy, weighed in at 236 this morning, Should I up the doses of Testopro/Stoked or just keep taking recommended doses?

    Second question, I know with the glycobol it should be taken w/ complex carbs, and thats what ive been doing thus far, but I am having a family Christmas party tomorrow and will probably be eating a bunch of simple cabs, could I take the glycobol before indulging tomorrow or should I just skip it?

  2. I typically suggest taking TestoPRO and Stoked at four each per day. I'll double check with the rest of the guys in the group to see what they as far as results they've seen from others who have upped the dose. For what it is worth, a lot of guys don't claim to "feel" anything until about a two weeks in, give or take. A lot of guys claim that ten days in is the beginning of the ride

    As far as the Glycobol, I think you can use it for your Christmas party. The only caveat is to make sure that you keep your fat intake to a minimum.
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  3. I do like stoked dosed higher, but I think there will be a limit on how much better raising testopro dose will change things.

  4. I was thinking the same thing. I don't recall having actually trying it, so I didn't want to say anything.
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  5. At your weight feel free to experiment with the dosing. You may find that 5 or 6 will work better for you. You're not going to dose too high, the question is at what point does diminishing returns kick in.

    I myself have went to 6 on TestoPRO, but I've never went over 4 of Stoked.



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