no scoop in DAA - use from someone else's DAA?

  1. no scoop in DAA - use from someone else's DAA?

    No scoopers in my DAA tubs... Is it safe to assume I can use the scooper out of an old Primaforce DAA? Powder looks identical, that scoop is 3.3 grams according to the PF label. I assume that will also be 3.3g of AI DAA?

    i know stupid question but just want to confirm.

    Also, while I am asking.... is it a 'loose' scoop or do you pack it?
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  2. mine had a scoop....interesting.....3 g's is 3g's....i would think, get a sclae if your that worried
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  3. Don't pack it anymore than you would just by scooping it out.

  4. true... thanks.
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  5. AI has a DAA product out?
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    AI has a DAA product out?
    yeah man!! you missed out, it came out for the Christmas in July sale they had... picked up a couple tubs half-off!
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