3Z Now At NP!!!

  1. 3Z Now At NP!!!

    3Z is now available at Nutraplanet for $24.99

    AI Sports 3Z (90 Caps): Discount 3Z Supplements

    If you haven't tried 3Z yet, shoot me a PM/email ([email protected]) with your shipping address. I'll send you an AI Sports Sample Kit that will include a sample of 3Z. It will also include samples of both flavors of Maniac, both flavors of RecoverPRO as well as samples of Motivate, HGHpro, and Perform.
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  2. Monday bump!
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  3. sweet deal
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  4. Will def be giving it a go
    Strongest On The Market
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  5. FYI, Easy has a thread going for apps to log 3Z - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/compa...has-rough.html
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  6. Awesome! Looking forward to trying 3z out!

  7. Stxnas, Easy...question for you guys. The ingredients list on this looks EXTREMELY solid. My very first thought when I read the back of my sample pack was "wow, throw 3-6mg of melatonin on top of this and it would be deadly!" Is there any specific reason why melatonin was not included in the formula? It seems to be the only sleep ingredients it's missing, lol.

  8. If I had to take a guess I would say because melatonin is a hormone..and they're possible trying to keep to a non hormonal line of supps?? Just a guess.
    You're right tho, that shii would knock you on your ass..3Z is already potent stufff
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  9. I'm not sure, but I'll ask.
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  10. Been bouncing back and forth between day and night at work this past 1.5 months and my sleep schedule is all jacked up!! Might pick this up to try an get myself back on schedule
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    I'm not sure, but I'll ask.
    any update on this?

  12. 3z is awesome. Running a log on it now, I don't want to stop! Do u guys think it could be used along with a night time fat burner, like lipotropin pm, reduction pm, leandreams, and iceman burn pm... They all contain stim free fat burners, as well as sleep aids.... I have super high stress and anxiety n limited sleep, so I don't want to stop 3z... It really helps me get the mist of my sleep n feel awake and energized thru out the day

  13. You might want to introduce them at low or half doses first and see how you respond. I wouldn't just jump into a full dose of any of those right away. I will say that I'm not familiar with any of those and will leave it to you to research the ingredients and how they will interact with those of 3Z
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