PCT help

  1. PCT help

    I will be going into PCT in a couple weeks after a 6 week halo cycle and am trying to get some input on my pct. I have nolva, Post cycle support, and Testopro. I know im going to run the nolva 20/20/10/10, but I dont know when I should add in the other two products.

    Any ideas???

  2. Testopro from day one ,with your Nolva,and the pct support on the second week!!

  3. I agree I would go with the TestoPRO day one and the PCS starting week 2 or 3 of pct.

  4. Sounds good, Thanks a lot!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by RJW719 View Post
    Sounds good, Thanks a lot!
    Anytime bro.


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