1. TestoPro/Stoked/T-Force

    As the title says, a stack of TestoPro/Stoked/T-Force should work well shouldn't it? All of them at recommended dosages and possibly running TestoPro/Stoked for 8 weeks with T-Force the first 4 weeks.



  2. I can tell you though experience from using Testopro and Stoked that they worked well for myself.As long as diet,training and recovery are in check, yes both of these amplifies things.

    A guy named Dave over at bodybuilding ran the swole stack with is stoked, testopro and glycobol and made a good point and I quote him below

    "I'm just going to type a combined review of the two, and touch upon the additional benefits that I noticed from the SWOLE stack vs. TestoPro solo.


    First and foremost, strength. Both of these stacks helped noticeably with strength retention as I dieted down. I was in a caloric deficit, doing pretty high volume workouts and maintaining as much strength as I could ask for given the circumstances. At one point I even set a PR for bb rows, and a few other movements which was a nice surprise.

    Both stacks did cause minor acne on my upper back/rear delt area, which is always a minor sign of possible test increase. I haven't experience any issues with breaking out in years, so I can't really contribute it to anything else but the TestoPro / Swole Stack. Doesn't necessarily prove anything, but it is an encouraging sign nonetheless.


    As I reached a certain level of BF we went to 0 carb days + 2x refeeds a week (2hrs each).

    Prior to the refeeds I was having issues with my GI just not handling Glycobol well. With the refeeds however, each being around 350-500g, I felt great. They left me much less bloated than without, and even hungry a few hours later. So Glycobol + refeeds = win in my experience.


    The stoked was a nice addition, and with the Icariin I did notice a little bit more fullness throughout the 2 and a half to 3 weeks of use. The trans-res may does not really offer itself to much performance in the gym per se, but it is a nice addition for overall health and I do not mind having it at all. In fact, I wish more sports supplements did have a few ingredients here and there that contribute to the maintenance and support of overall health.

    On a final note, I would just like to touch upon a subject that I see debated often with regards to natural test-boosters being beneficial or not. I have been reading people question whether or not the +X amount of testosterone a natural test booster can cause is of any benefit to the user.

    People are claiming that if the increase does not bring you into the "above average" levels of blood serum test that you will not notice anything. Ok, well here is the subjective part of that... "noticing" something....Will you blow up and add 15lbs from a herbal test booster? No, you won't, even with the best diet, etc.

    However the additional test, free test, maintained homestatic levels of estrogen, etc. will provide an overall benefit whether you notice it or not. If someone that is at the bottom of the healthy ranges of test, free test, etc. is compared to someone who is at the very top of the average healthy ranges is NOT going to experience the exact same progress when on identical regiments.

    So I do feel that herbal test boosters do have a place in a natural lifter's repertoire. Are they a #1 priority? Nope, and if you can only afford the staples you will still make plenty progress. I do feel though (my experience has shown this is the case time and time again) that when combined with proper rest, sleep, and training, herbal test-boosters will provide a more anabolic environment for progress.

    I would like to finish up by saying this was a very pleasant experience using TestoPro and the Swole stack and I feel both of them complimented my dieting and training very nicely just as I would expect from supplements.

    Thanks to Anabolic Innovations for being so generous over the last few months, and I wish you continued success"

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  3. That stack would work very well and the TestoPRO and Stoked can be run for 8 weeks just be sure to take a break from test booster for a month after that.
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