Does Anabolic Innovations go to events like the Arnold, the Olympia?

  1. Does Anabolic Innovations go to events like the Arnold, the Olympia?

    Where ever booths are set up to give samples out and do Anabolic Innovation promotions.

    I would love to meet the Anabolic Innovations team and do promotional work for Anabolic Innovations.

    I am Volunteering to do the Arnold without pay.Even the Olympia. All I would ask is if the trip is payed for and I break even.

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  2. Not an official answer, but this was in the RecoverPRO thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    sorry broski been MIA,

    Getting ready for the arnold and working, im reading it now
    Might be an official presence, but wouldn't surprise me

  3. Not at the present but THANK YOU for the idea!
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  4. i will personally be there

    if crowler needs me to do anything i will

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